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STRONG Butler. Best Dad.

By arcaneGemini (SoundCloud, YouTube).
Cover art by Tipsy (Tumblr).
Released 2/17/2019.
Duration: 3:16.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that STRONG Butler. Best Dad. references:

Artist commentary:


You thought you could get rid of me that easily? Think again. That's right, it's round 2 with Dyl Nye the Science Guy: Horse edition.

Honestly I'm not entirely sure how this worked out, but I'm glad it did since horses are the bees knees.

I said before in Arachnida Antecessor that it was my first song for this group, and technically it is (I think), but this is the one that I feel most greatly reflects my progression in skill as a musician.

This tune went from a slow Horschestra with awful, grotesque choir & drum samples to this lovely little equine ditty as I went from a newbie musician creating mediocre covers of songs' melodies to the only-slightly-less newbie musician writing this very commentary piece.

As such, this song will always fill a special horse-shaped space in my heart.

What's this? You don't want all this personal heartfelt guff? You want me to actually talk about the track? Oh alright.

Aurthour is, unequivocally, the best character in all of Homestuck. There is no possible way you can disprove this. It was pretty much high blasphemy that so few songs were made to honour him, and so I produced this offer to appease the gods and bring balance to the universe. You're welcome.

Also yes, that is me saying 'neigh'.


For every album cover I've drawn so far, I try to make them look a little different and experiment with different styles. In this case I tried to draw a HORSE (crazy i know) and used this very painting-like flat style, and decided to put Equius's signature up, effectively making it his own painting! This went through lots of colour hue alterations and was originally a very light pink desert in a sunny sky before we settled on this darker background to make Aurthour stand out more. I like to think that Equius is simultaneously admiring his surroundings and panicking about their imminent death by sunburn.

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