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Appears in 43 cover arts.

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Catfight (Illust. Aubbie)

blood (abstract)
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Lost in the Dream Bubbles (Illust. Torrent 64)
InterNep (Illust. Gryotharian)
Pesterquest Soundtrack (Illust. Homestuck)
Hauntological Nightmares (Illust. Tipsy)
Ghost Hole (Illust. Jas)
8OSS!!!!!!!! (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
ANGRY CAT OwO (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
Softcat (Illust. Tipsy)
Lost in Time (Illust. Tipsy)
Eternity's Slylock (Illust. Scarodactyl)
Alternate Hues and Melodies (Illust. Culdhira, Hilaletto, SoulofWoods, melodic-co, Dazeywhisp, CALIKID)

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:33 < Arsenic Cat (Illust. Hilaletto)
Duodecim Diis Resurgemus (Illust. SoulofWoods)
NEPSIM (Illust. iodbc - The Black Box)
Debt to be Paid (Illust. Alternate Mewniverse, iodbc - The Black Box)
[S] Nepeta: Hunt (Unused) (Illust. Alternate Mewniverse, iodbc - The Black Box)
[S] Nepeta: Hunt (Illust. Alternate Mewniverse, iodbc - The Black Box)
Xenoplanetarium (Illust. nights)
The Litterbox (Illust. Alternate Mewniverse, iodbc - The Black Box)
Walls Covered in Blood (Illust. lime-time)

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Walls Covered in Blood DX (Illust. atissi)

blood (abstract)
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Nepeta's Theme (Illust. pbnj-art)

blood (abstract)
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Catapult Capuchin (Illust. Chumi)
Requited (Dirtiest Remix) (Illust. Josefin B.)
Strife Mayhem (Illust. Scarodactyl)
Three in the morning (Dif's JUST GO THE FUCK TO SLEEP ALREADY mix) (Illust. yazshu)

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Apex Predator (Illust. Griever)
Everyone Forgets She Kills Animals (Illust. Sbahjsic)

body horror
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Yes, So Good (Illust. Makin)

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The March of the One True Juggalo (Illust. Toast)

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Furever (Illust. PhemieC)
Courtroom Shuffle (Illust. Elanor Pam)
Diamonds (Illust. Worthikids)
Witching GLouR (aka Fuschia GRuLer) (Illust. Grim Harlequin)
Air for Broclectic Games (aka Olive Brogue) (Illust. Grim Harlequin)
Unlabeled (Illust. Killian Ng)
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A (Illust. Shelby Cragg)
Olive Rogue (Illust. Grim Harlequin)
Nine Lives One Love (Illust. Lynnai Hicks)

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Serenade (Illust. clorinspats)
Arcade Thunder (Illust. Maf)

decapitation, blood
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Trial and Execution (Illust. Shelby Cragg)
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