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Catapult Capuchin

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By Toby Fox tobyfox Bandcamp tobyfox Twitter Other fwugradiation Tumblr.
Cover art by Chumi chuchumi Tumblr.
Released 3/14/2011.
Art released 10/25/2017.
Duration: 1:58.

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Tracks that reference Catapult Capuchin:

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Artist commentary:

Toby Fox: (booklet commentary)


Onto the rest of the bonus tracks - these are here because I think they are solid or interesting, but too short or "out there" for the main tracks of the album. Most of them do a great job of contributing to the idea of a videogame based on Homestuck, though - so please use your imagination when you queue them up, and wish really hard!

I used Mega Man X2 samples (by daveeeey) for this track. If Nepeta had a level in a Mega Man X game, this is probably something like what it would sound like... it's just a little bit like Neon Tiger, but maybe just in the chords. They both have the same claw weapons. Neon Tiger probably pounces because he likes Mega Man X. Time to update my shipping wall!!!

I really think the toms in the opening do a good job of setting a "jungle" feel to the track. Same with the roaring cymbals and the jumpy bassline. The orchestra hits have a bunch of cool effects on them, too - vibrato, echo, pan, pitch shift... all within the limitations of something a SNES could do! Although I probably went over the instrument limitations for the system, especially if sound effects are involved...

Oh! The name of the level was contributed by my friend Samantha.

Homestuck: (original track art)

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