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Pesterquest Soundtrack

album cover

By James Roach hames Bandcamp jamesroachmusic SoundCloud YouTube YouTube hamesatron Twitter.
Cover art by Homestuck.
Wallpaper art by Andrew Hussie andrewhussie Twitter.
Released 9/13/2021.
Duration: ~1:25:28.

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  1. (2:54) Friendvangelion: Rebuild
  2. (4:34) sometimes i call andrew hussie 'andy' and so far he hasn't corrected me
  3. (3:19) please support The Trevor Project
  4. (4:50) ill probably just name this one something normal oh no wait oh jeez aw beans
  5. (2:51) 24/7 lo fi anime beats to question your sexuality to
  6. (6:02) Carefree Victory (REMIX) ft. Spell-n-Speak
  7. (2:03) Darling Kanaya by Toby Fox
  8. (5:28) CRUSTacean
  9. (2:31) mIrAcLeS by Toby Fox
  10. (1:50) Midnight Calliope by Mark J. Hadley
  11. (4:19) CH3CK TH3 M3T4D4T4
  12. (5:00) Indigo Heir by Paul Tuttle Starr
  13. (5:41) yeah it is
  14. (4:53) KWCOM DOT WAV
  15. (4:38) Requiem by Clark Powell
  17. (1:58) Love You by Toby Fox
  18. (1:38) i guess
  19. (2:21) Riches to Ruins Movements, pt. II by Toby Fox
  20. (2:24) Would you believe this was for something else
  21. (4:08) Even in Death (T'Morra's Belly Mix) by Clark Powell and Tavia Morra
  22. (2:54) Unite Synchronization by Malcolm Brown
  23. (5:14) Beatup by Clark Powell and Riki Tsuji

Added to wiki 4/13/2024.

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Artist commentary:

Homestuck: (Steam, excerpt)

Enjoy the fine-grooving tunes of Pesterquest, the grimsical episodic visual novel adventure set in the darkly funny Homestuck universe.

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

This soundtrack released exclusively on Steam as paid DLC for Pesterquest; it's got some quirks, discussed below, but is probably the best and only official release of Pesterquest's we'll ever see.

Most tracks were originally composed by James Roach for Pesterquest; almost all of his tracks were included on this soundtrack release, though six were not:

Various tracks from prior releases were featured throughout Pesterquest. Some of these were released again on this soundtrack, while others weren't. Featured in Pesterquest from earlier Homestuck releases, and not on this soundtrack:

Pesterquest features several tracks by artists who weren't formally part of the Homestuck music team. Across the lists above and the main track list, these are tracks featured from the Homestuck fan community:

In Roachian fashion, most track names have slight (to significant) differences between their soundtrack release on Steam, individual track releases on SoundCloud, and the in-game credits list. All of these are noted on each track; on the wiki, the album's track list extracts the "main" part of the name of each track as part of the Steam release.

The album cover artwork is from the Steam library; track artworks for select James Roach tracks are from their releases on SoundCloud.

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

During the timeframe where this album hadn't yet been released on Steam, tempest2k and other fans compiled the new tracks featured in Pesterquest into an album ready for anyone's music library, including full metadata and track artworks. This lacks the tracks featured elsewhere on Homestuck's discography, so it compliments the rest of a Homestuck library quite well. Visit this compilation on Google Drive.

(Reach out through tempest2k's carrd if you want your own tracks removed from this compilation, or to the wiki if you require the download link removed from HSMusic outright.)

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)