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[s) rose / jef: strife!

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By cookiefonster cookiefonster Bandcamp Other.
Cover art by ft-rj ft-rj Bandcamp ft__rj Twitter ft-rj Tumblr.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 2:16.

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Artist commentary:

ft-rj: (Artist)

i mean i saw future potential in canwc storylines so i made art for it and hoped a song would get flash bait and then cookie made a song and even though its old it sounds good and i like it. also this art is old and bad i would remake it but no

cookiefonster: (Composer)

I made this so long ago it's unreal, and honestly it probably shows. It's pretty much a song out of my solo album but for Rose and Hecka Jef. At least the background CSS for Act 4 of CANWC shows Rose and Jef apparently posed for strifing or something??? Can't say I didn't get lucky.

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