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swet bro rebibal

track cover

By Wheals Other.
Cover art by VulkanShawl.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 3:04.

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Tracks that swet bro rebibal references:

Tracks that swet bro rebibal samples:

Artist commentary:

VulkanShawl: (Artist)

Kissing heads is a thing that CANWC needs. Pls o make it canon.

Wheals: (Composer)

I had the idea for this in early May, but because of the semester ending and thereafter going on vacation I didn't get around to working on it until the week before the release. The idea was for it (or the serious part, at least) to borrow Unite Synchronization's overall structure, and while it only did that a little, I'm happy with the similarities. This is the hardest I've bullshitted orchestrally and I'm not sure yet if it wore me out or made me want to do more. Full credit to cookiefonster for reminding me that Donkey Kong SFX are Swet Bro's leitmotif.

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