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lame and old webcomic voluem 10 (MEGA MILX)

track cover

By Niklink.
Cover art by Niklink.
Released 7/2/2016.
Duration: 10:25.

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Tracks that lame and old webcomic voluem 10 (MEGA MILX) samples:

Artist commentary:


I- ok. I can explain, okay?

This is an oblique reference to the album Medium. When it was initially released, there was a lot of speculation, particularly on the MSPA Forums, around the idea of combining or layering the different tracks on the album to find cool mashups, particularly the matching song pairs for each Land. It was even implied that this was a specific musical choice by Clark Powell, to make 'hidden' music (she immediately denied this, but it had no effect). Ultimately it culminated in the creation of 'Medium - Mega Mix', which was for all intents and purposes all eight tracks in the album sandwiched on top of one another into an ungodly sound wall, which was nevertheless positively received by fans. This worthless shitpost of a song is based on that phenomenon, as well as being a sort of 'tribute' to Homestuck Vol. 10 which had after all been the insipration to establish CaNMT in the first place.

Also in a way, getting the obvious unfunny ear torture shitposts out of the way early on meant subsequent CaNMT musicians would be forced to innovate. So, in a sense, you're welcome?

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