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Jailbreak Vol. 1

album cover

album cover

Cover art by Robert J! Lake ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ).
Banner art by Robert J! Lake ( Bandcamp , YouTube , Twitter ) and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 10/16/2011.
Duration: ~1:39:08.

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Main album (~42:46):
  1. (0:13) Fanfare by Robert J! Lake
  2. (1:39) Jailstuck (Intro) by Robert J! Lake
  3. (1:12) Title Screen by Robert J! Lake
  4. (1:20) Logorg by Luke Benjamins
  5. (2:48) Elf Shanty by Mark J. Hadley
  6. (1:48) Phantom Echoes by Andrew Huo
  7. (2:41) Assail by Erik Scheele
  8. (2:06) Confrontation by Andrew Huo
  9. (1:02) Rising Water (Oh, Shit!) by Paige Turner
  10. (1:27) Moment of Pause by Robert J! Lake
  11. (1:08) Bars by Robert J! Lake and Luke Benjamins
  12. (2:44) Jackknive by Erik Scheele
  13. (2:05) Intestinal Fortification by Paige Turner
  14. (2:57) Console Thunder by Robert J! Lake
  15. (3:46) Be the Other Guy by James Dever and Perry Sullivan
  16. (3:32) Softbit by Robert J! Lake
  17. (1:28) Drillgorg by Luke Benjamins
  18. (2:22) Retrobution by Nick Smalley
  19. (0:31) Game Over by Robert J! Lake
  20. (3:27) Is This the End? by Robert J! Lake
  21. (2:30) This is the End by Robert J! Lake
Bonus tracks (~56:22):
  1. (0:03) nsfasoft presents by Nick Smalley
  2. (0:57) A Common Occurrance (Every Night, To Be Exact) by Robert J! Lake
  3. (2:15) Useful or Otherwise by Robert J! Lake
  4. (0:48) Dr. Squiddle by Andrew Huo
  5. (2:08) Distanced by Robert J! Lake
  6. (1:42) Mechanic Panic by Michael Guy Bowman
  7. (0:42) i told you about ladders by Luke Benjamins
  8. (1:17) b a w s by Nick Smalley
  9. (3:24) Softbit (Original GFD Please Shut the Fuckass Mix By Request Demo Version) by Robert J! Lake
  10. (43:06) Audio Commentary Featuring Robert J! Lake, Nick Smalley, Luke "GFD" Benjamins, and Erik "Jit" Scheele by Robert J! Lake, Nick Smalley, Luke Benjamins, and Erik Scheele

Added to wiki 10/10/2020.

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Artist commentary:

Robert J! Lake:

You wake up locked in this album, completely alone.
It's legitimately terrible. You need a shower.
You wonder how your mother is. "You need more food," she used to say. "You look like a chihuahua."
And then she would watch Kenneth Branagh's Henry V on the highest volume setting on every TV in the house.
In hindsight, you're actually kind of glad she went deaf.

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You ass, Jailbreak never had a soundtrack! You're messing with the balance of reality itself, here.

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