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album cover

Cover art by melodiousDiscord.
Wallpaper art by melodiousDiscord and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Banner art by Lunise lunedraws Tumblr and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 7/30/2011.
Duration: ~2:44:36.

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  1. (6:18) Beginnings (Press Start to Play) by Catboss
  2. (2:15) Downtime by Thomas Ibarra
  3. (4:36) Doctor (Deep Breeze Mix) by Solatrus
  4. (5:04) Meltwater by Elaine Wang
  5. (3:05) Crystalanachrony by Willow Ascenzo
  6. (3:17) The Land of Wind and Shade by KDMAnderson
  7. (1:46) Thought and Flow by Steve Everson
  8. (3:33) First Guardian, Last Stand by Chase
  9. (2:23) Land of Wrath and Angels by Ian White
  10. (2:58) Ruins of Rajavihara by Red Pen
  11. (3:21) Vigilante ~ Cornered by Brenna Curran
  12. (3:43) A Fashionable Escape by Yan Rodriguez
  13. (2:40) Clockbreaker by Mal McGannon
  14. (0:41) Quartz Lullaby by Evan Copeland
  15. (2:32) Dance of the Wayward Vagabond by Alex Rosetti
  16. (3:09) Joker Strife by Eligecos
  17. (2:29) Sunshaker by D. Crystal
  18. (1:37) Sburban Rush by Ralen Gainsborough
  19. (1:53) Prince of Seas by Max Wright
  20. (3:28) Atomik Meltdown by James Roach
  21. (3:14) Jackie Treats by Artisticpolo
  22. (2:45) Skaian Air by Trent West
  23. (0:30) Sburban Elevator by Alex Rosetti
  24. (1:53) Moody Mister Gemini by Thomas Ferkol
  25. (3:47) Starkind by Toby Fox
  26. (3:13) Maibasojen by Isoraķatheð Zorethan F.
  27. (6:04) MeGaDanceVaNia by Catboss
  28. (1:48) SadoMasoPedoRoboNecroBestiality by Nic Carey
  29. (1:57) Under the Hat by Erik Scheele
  30. (1:52) Sburban Piano Doctor by Brad Griffin
  31. (1:12) The Hymn of Making Babies by EnnuiKing
  32. (3:00) Emissary of Wind by Eston Schweickart
  33. (4:04) Land of Quartz and Melody by Thomas Ferkol
  34. (3:17) Midnight Spider by Yan Rodriguez
  35. (1:20) House of Lalonde by Max Wright
  36. (3:04) L'etat de l'ambivalence by James Dever
  37. (1:30) Growin' Up Strider by Ian White
  38. (2:48) Nakkadile by Marcy Nabors
  39. (2:00) Vigilante by Brenna Curran
  40. (5:29) Jack and Black Queen by Miss Prince
  41. (3:06) A War of One Bullet by Traikan
  42. (2:21) Corpse Casanova by EnnuiKing
  43. (3:14) Salamander Fiesta by The Lovable Tramp
  44. (1:42) MegaloVaniaC by Xenocidebot
  45. (2:44) Shame and Doubt by Trent West
  46. (1:07) SWEET BRO AND HELLA JEFF SHOW by Erik Scheele
  47. (5:11) Growing Up by Eston Schweickart
  48. (5:00) The Drawing of the Four by Willow Ascenzo
  49. (5:11) Ira quod Angelus by Kalibration
  50. (4:32) Final Stand by Eligecos
  51. (4:04) Farewell by Fuzz
  52. (7:59) Heir-Seer-Knight-Witch by Joe Griffith
  53. (2:50) Cutscene at the End of the Hallway by Robert J! Lake

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Artist commentary:

Elaine Wang: (booklet commentary, front)

So. I'm Elaine Wang, orngjce223, electronic orange juice; and I do stuff. A lot of stuff really, like dragging a friend along on a dizzy jaunt through philosophy and moral free will in the context of Skaianet Laboratories, while writing an outline as to how to create a Rose Strider AU, while attempting to forecast whether GIF or PNG images will be readable in fifty years, while tossing around a rhythm in my head which might or might not turn into a song, while figuring out what environment variables to set in a bash shell to make it look as much like Homestuck as possible, while doing pixel art to fill in the gaps, while cooking pasta.

...No wait, not all at once. Or the pasta burns and I have to throw it out and start over. It is a thing that has happened more than once, sad to say. But I digress.

I came to Homestuck via following the network of webcomic artists via those piles of links they have, "these are some other webcomics that are cool".

I catch up right about [S] John: Sleep.

[S] is very cool. I follow that bracketed letter like a Pied Piper, through WV: Ascend, through Rose's entrance and Dave's entrance and the Midnight Crew. I follow it through Descend (which is right around when a certain someone I was close to realized I liked Homestuck more than I did him. Oops, I guess there's a reason I identify as asexual). Idly I venture onto the forums, with fanfiction and speculation and world-building.

Then someone called Bill Bolin doesn't want his music in the comic anymore for some reason. So something not entirely unlike this happened:

"Hey hey isn't that bassline going to have to be replaced?"

"Yeah, we'll take care of it."

"Oops. I already made a bassline for you. Here here listen to it."

"That's nice. Now run along."

"Can I do something else maybe? Please? For later?"

"Don't push your luck."

This is about when I figured out that yes, there is a thing called the music team and no, they're not accepting applications. Oh well. I just figure I'll keep making music since I started.

And then I just never stop.

So this is basically how I came to want to collect this music, polish it. People tend to complain about having to take the time to download the entire fanmusic thread one song at a time - and those people probably don't really have an inkling of how much good is in fanmusic.

This album is a celebration of fanmusic, yes - but it's also intended as somthing to bring it to more people than would ordinarily venture onto a forum thread, several dozen pages long, in the Art Forum, in the MSPA fan forum, tucked away in a small corner of the Internet.

So while you're here, I'll say two things:

Firstly, maybe there's something you think you want to do. Maybe you're not good at it, but if you like it, and you practice, and you have people to give you good critical feedback on how good you are at it, it'll become something you're good at. Ask someone who's good at something and they'll say the same thing. (There are exceptions, like six-fingred pianists and seven-foot-tall basketball players. Not often, though.)

And secondly, if you don't already know about what Homestuck is before this, maybe you should look. It is a tale of four children, and the beta test of a game put out by a mysterious company. It is a tale of twelve trolls, and two games that turn out to put one in danger of life and limb. It is a tale of four archagents, and a mansion run by a man with a cueball for a head. It is a tale of spirit quests and hilarious-looking weapons and data structures and self-consistent time travel and what happens when creativity is the driving force of the universe.


So that's all that I want to say, really.

Enjoy the music.

~ Forward by Elaine Wang (electronic orange juice/orngjce223)

Catboss and melodiousDiscord: (booklet commentary, back)


Thanks to all the musicians who contributed their tracks to this album!

Alex Rosetti
Brad "Avinoch" Griffin
Brenna "Random Encounter" Curran
D. Crystal
Elaine Wang (electronic orange juice/orngjce223)
Erik "Jit" Scheele
Eston "silence" Schweickart
Evan "The Z-W" Copeland
Gec (Eligecos)
Ian White (MyUsernamesMud)
Isoraķatheð Zorethan F.
Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
Joe Griffith
Kristian "Dacen" Anderson
Mai Yishan (konec0)
Mal "Noctune" McGannon
Marcy Nabors (Steamlord313/Shadolith)
Max "Imbrog" Wright
Miss Prince
Ralen Gainsborough
Red Pen
Robert J! Lake
Robert "Kali" Blaker
Steve Everson
The Lovable Tramp
Thomas "EidolonOrpheus" Ferkol
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Trent "Trogg" West
James "Squid Pilgrim" Dever
Well Manicured Man
Yan "Nucleose" Rodriguez

Thanks to all the artists who drew album art for this album!

Brad "Avinoch" Griffin
crepuscular "seedy" Dissembler
Elaine Wang (electronic orange juice/orngjce223)
Mal "Nocturne" McGannon
Red Pen
Robert J! Lake
tT Twigwise
Well Manicured Man
Yee-Tvae Corinst

Commentary booklet cover and background art by Well Manicured Man:

Willow Ascenzo: (booklet cover)

JNJ: (bonus art)

august: (bonus art)

Quirk: (bonus art)

Catboss and melodiousDiscord: (booklet commentary, back)

Thanks to everyone who nominated tracks for this album!

Lieutenant-General Waltyr J. Fish
rogue of void
Steven "Solaris" Adames


To Elaine Wang (electronic orange juice/orngjce223), for initiating the project, and for writing the foreword to this booklet.

To Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri, for his magnificent work in mastering the album.

To Mai Yishan (konec0) and melodiousDiscord, for pushing the project forward, and crafting the commentary booklet.

To Robert J! Lake, for giving us a spot on Homestuck Gaiden.

To the music team, for gifting us with a veritable smorgasboard of sound.

To Andrew Hussie, for authoring the nexus of sheer creative energy we call Homsetuck.

To anyone else who we might have forgotten, and to everyone who didn't contribute art/music/nominations, but supported the project nonetheless.


Thanks to everyone who listened to our music!

We hope you enjoyed the first-ever Homestuck Fanmusic Album!

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