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[Super-Unofficial Album] SBURB OST: BONUS DLC!

album cover

album cover

Tags: Skaia, Prospit, Derse, Veil

By Brad Griffin.
Cover art by melodiousDiscord (original art) and Brad Griffin.
Banner art by Brad Griffin.
Released 12/2/2012.
Duration: ~19:24.

Additional files: Bandcamp Banner
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  1. (1:16) Smooth Screens
  2. (1:20) Metamorphic Flamenco
  3. (2:15) Up We Go!
  4. (1:21) Slowgre Battle
  5. (1:50) Denizen Shuffle
  6. (2:08) Vulcanic Eruption
  7. (2:08) Choisi
  8. (0:58) Prospitian Waltz
  9. (1:51) Chocolate Grudge
  10. (2:46) Primavera
  11. (1:31) Universe Cre-SLEIGH-tion

Added to wiki 1/1/2023.

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Bandcamp Banner

Artist commentary:

Brad Griffin:

A steaming pile of rank old remixes and arrangements of tracks from the SBURB OST fan music album. Many of these were made during the development of the OST proper. It's fan music of fan music!

This is a FREE album and is NOT OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED by Andrew Hussie or What Pumpkin.

Contains remixes of music by the SBURB OST fan music team.

SBURB and HOMESTUCK © Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin, Inc.
Please don't sue. :'(

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