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Tags: Karkat

Sgrubian Wilderness

By Veritas Unae (Bandcamp, SoundCloud).
Cover art by Brad Griffin.
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 2:31.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Tracks that Sgrubian Wilderness references:

Artist commentary:

Veritas Unae:

I did htis piece a while back, quite some time ago now. It was a hypothetical theme fro Sgrub in the same vein as Sburban Jungle was. I considered reworking the piece, but everywhere I turned the piece wasn't really getting better, so here it is in all its original Sibelius 6 glory! Imagine this playing as all of the trolls enter the medium for the very first time. Go imagination, go!

Brad Griffin:

Karkat furiously playing the marinba ostinato.

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