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Take Flight [Battleship]

track cover

By Veritas Unae veritasunae Bandcamp veritasunae SoundCloud.
Cover art by Pseudonym and Brad Griffin avinoch Tumblr.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 2:46.

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Tracks that Take Flight [Battleship] references:

Artist commentary:

Veritas Unae:

Take Flight was just an attempt at making a song I had running about in my head to do with the Battleships both sides have on Skaia's battlefield. It takes a couple of motifs from Battlefield and Castle themes but ultimately it came into its own. The trumpets take a harmony from the start of Battlefield, while the main repeated motif of Castle is interspersed on different instruments throughout. The second violin brings in Battlefield's theme briefly before the end.

On the art, I asked Pseudonym if she'd be willing to draw some album art for me. I suggested the reflection of a battleship in Veritas' glasses, the Reckoning causing many ships to be struck by meteors and catch a-blaze. The sketch she drew was fantastic, and I'd like to extend many thanks to Avinoch for finishing the art up for us!

Brad Griffin:

I can't really speak to the concept behind this art piece. Pseudonym drew the original sketch for this, but was sadly unavailable to complete it. I just did a colours and shading pass.

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