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Born to Die [Doomed Timeline]

track cover

By TheifofTruth and Brad Griffin avinoch Tumblr.
Cover art by Manyan and melodiousDiscord.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: 1:52.

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Artist commentary:

Brad Griffin:

This is an arrangement of ThiefofTruth's "Born To Die" with a rad choir soundfont. Influenced slightly by the Silent Hill 2 soundtrack.


There were a lot of interesting tracks in this album! I liked the idea of making a track for a doomed timeline. I had a lot of imagery in my head when I thought about the theme. The song itself in terms of the topic made me think of a dead character knowing the fate of their timeline. I wish I had been less bogged down by end-of-semester work and major artblock; I would have liked to express more of the theme and mood of the song in the picture.

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