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Cover art by melodiousDiscord.
Banner art by melodiousDiscord.
Released 11/24/2012.
Duration: ~2:53:38.

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Disk 1: (~1:38:15)
  1. (0:11) ~~~~DISK 1~~~~ by Veritas Unae
  2. (1:28) Waiting For Adventure [Loading Screen] by Michael Guy Bowman
  3. (6:35) SBURBan Prelude [Main Menu] by sidewalkbanana
  4. (4:56) Meta Choices [Options] by sidewalkbanana
  5. (1:40) Ignorance Is Bliss [Tutorial] by Marcy Nabors
  6. (2:49) Metamorphic Choices [Kernel Prototyping] by Veritas Unae
  7. (3:51) Dawn of the End [Countdown] by Max Wright
  8. (2:08) A Spirited Conversation [Sprite Interaction] by Veritas Unae and Charles Neudorf
  9. (11:47) Layers Upon Layers [Build] by Marcy Nabors and Jamie Paige
  10. (3:45) STRIFE! [Battle] by James Roach
  11. (2:34) Mysterious Messengers [Exiles] by Traikan
  12. (1:42) Overly Ostentatious Ogre [Miniboss] by Red Pen
  13. (1:23) The Porkhollow is Overflowing! [Echeladder] by Veritas Unae
  14. (1:18) Consort Air [Consorts] by Brad Griffin
  15. (2:41) Fraymotif Samba [Consort Shop] by James Roach
  16. (4:27) Waking the Beast [Denizen Encounter] by Eston Schweickart and Yan Rodriguez
  17. (1:57) Glow in the Distance [Save] by James Roach
  18. (0:14) Lulling Lutescent [Prospit Sleep] by Veritas Unae
  19. (5:44) On Golden Dreams [Prospit] by Veritas Unae
  20. (2:10) Amongst Smiling Faces [Prospitian Dignitaries] by Tarranon
  21. (3:27) Grudge in A Minor [Jack Noir] by Catboss
  22. (0:15) Lavender Lullaby [Derse Sleep] by Veritas Unae
  23. (4:51) Planet in Shadow [Derse] by Catboss
  24. (5:09) Drolls and Dignitaries [Dersite Agents] by Catboss
  25. (5:26) The Ultimate Riddle [Ultimate Riddle] by Marcy Nabors
  26. (1:52) Eldritch Murmurs [Horrorterrors] by Fuzz
  27. (1:40) Outer Reaches [Veil] by Charles Neudorf
  28. (2:24) Inner Depths [Labs] by Brad Griffin
  29. (1:58) Autogenesis [Ectobiology] by Red Pen
  30. (1:45) Broken Dreams [Prospit's Fall] by Veritas Unae and Charles Neudorf
  31. (3:34) Paradoxical Meteor Shower [Reckoning] by Trent West
  32. (2:34) Emerald Icarus [Green Sun] by Marcy Nabors and Charles Neudorf
Disk 2: (~53:26)
  1. (0:09) ~~~~DISK 2~~~~ by Veritas Unae
  2. (2:24) CumuloSeerus [Oracle Clouds] by Brad Griffin
  3. (3:15) Checkerboard Checkmate [Battlefield] by Tarranon
  4. (2:40) Skaiaward [Skaia] by Marcy Nabors and Solatrus
  5. (2:22) Resurrection [God Tier] by Brad Griffin
  6. (1:45) Land of _____ and Frogs [Frog Gathering] by Veritas Unae
  7. (1:28) Rana's Abode [Frog Temple] by Yan Rodriguez
  8. (5:08) The Will to Fight Further [Denizen Strife] by Kevin Grant and Catboss
  9. (2:09) Barren Session [Game Over] by Brad Griffin
  10. (3:03) Dilemma [The Choice] by Fuzz
  11. (3:16) Vulcanic Volcano [Forge] by Traikan
  12. (3:53) Check the Chequered Castle [Battlefield Castle] by Veritas Unae
  13. (8:50) Endgame Execution [Black King Battle] by Catboss
  14. (3:24) Where ribbIt All Began [Genesis Frog] by Tarranon
  15. (2:21) Higher Hopes [Game Complete] by Tarranon
  16. (7:19) Gods of the New World [Universe Creation] by Max Wright
Bonus tracks: (~21:57)
  1. (0:17) ~~~~BONUS~~~~ by Veritas Unae
  2. (3:39) The Untold Story [Skaia Exposition] by Brad Griffin
  3. (2:55) Melody && Form && Composition [Alchemiter] by Charles Neudorf and Marcy Nabors
  4. (2:46) Take Flight [Battleship] by Veritas Unae
  5. (1:52) Born to Die [Doomed Timeline] by TheifofTruth and Brad Griffin
  6. (4:41) The Will to Fight (Original Mix) [Denizen Strife] by Kevin Grant
  7. (2:09) Prime [Pause] by Trent West
  8. (3:38) Godfight [PvP] by Catboss

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Artist commentary:

Marcy Nabors:

Greetings, revered listeners!

It is my pleasure to present to you the long-awaited album known as the Sburb OST. It has been a long journey, one that has finally concluded.

Over a year ago (July 2011, to be precise), I had a conversation that forever changed me. A question was posed:

What if Sburb came with stock BGM?

What if, indeed. I set out to provide an answer to that question.

My idea was to create an original soundtrack (or OST) for Sburb, a collection of generic, catch-all, session-nonspecific music to accompany every player throughout their journey.

Upon presenting my pitch to the MSPA forums, I was met with a brilliant team of musicians and visual artists dedicated to making this a reality. Along the way we created some fantastic works of art, spawned an exciting narrative, and forged many strong friendships.

It is, again, a great pleasure for all of us to finally be able to bring this project to a satisfying conclusion, and to present it to those who have waited so long for its arrival.

-Marcy "Shadolith" Nabors
Founder and CEO of the imaginary Sburb OST Corporation

•Special Thanks•
Conception/Organization: Marcy Nabors
Management/HR: M. Alex "melodioiusDiscord" Moser
Website Coding: Veritas Unae
Website Hosting: AndrewNeo &
Tracker/Commentary Book: Brad "Avinoch" Griffin

Andrew Hussie (for inspiring us)
What Pumpkin, Inc. (for not suing us)
Our fellow Homestuck Fans (for your patience and support!)

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