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Light Burns Out (Gestalt)

By Waif (Bandcamp, SoundCloud).
Cover art by Mikkynga (Twitter, External (
Released 4/13/2020.
Art released 6/1/2020.
Duration: 7:16.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:



Time is a flat circle and I made another official song for #homestuck to be released on #homestuckday

It never ends

I do not know WHY it happens but it does

If you are confused
So am i

All jokes aside i'm really very happy with this song and i think it's cool and big and i hope you all like it too

(original track art)


When hearing the song and thinking about HS2 and how Dirk influenced Rose and Rose reaffirms Dirk's thoughts all i wanted to do is how to mix them in one picture. The rest was just just drawing while hearing the song and letting it take me to whatever it wanted to go.

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