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Martini Cardamom

By Sean Gorter (SoundCloud) and PoisonedElite (SoundCloud, Tumblr, Twitter).
Cover art by nights (SoundCloud, Twitter, External (
Released 2/17/2019.
Duration: 3:58.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.

Artist commentary:

Sean Gorter:

Hey, it's your local pianist extraordinaire Flare. The basic seeds of this track belong to PoisonedElite, who left behind a minute-long demo of harpsichord and strings. Imagine my surprise when her MIDI was handed down to me and there were the beginnings of an electronic drum track I didn't get to hear in her exports! So the concept was set, orchestra with electronic rhythmic backing.

Mom always seemed like quite the intimidating figure to those who met her. Perpetually drunk, with an endless, seemingly vindictive collection of wizard paraphrenalia, Mom was more living myth than parental figure. While most might soften those figures over time to be more relatable, not Hussie, and not Mom! She handles a massive Sburban monster with ease, demonstrates martial arts and weapons expertise, and catches the romantic attention of Dad without so much as breaking a sweat. All I could think of putting this track together was "classical badass." So here's to you, Ms. Classical Badass.


I wanted to try something new for this piece, so I went with a lineless minimal style. For the art, I wanted to draw both of Roxy's post and pre scratch selves, not just Mom Lalonde, since I adore both equally!! While working on it, I wanted to somehow connect the two versions of Roxy together with something common. Eventually, I settled on the scarves, and used them for composition and filling in blank spots in the art piece.

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