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track cover

track cover

Tags: Jack Noir

By Jebb ( YouTube , Twitter ).
Cover art by lemonzestdoodle ( Twitter , External ( , External ( ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 4:13.

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Tracks that Ace-celerando references:

Artist commentary:


I got the idea for this track after watching S2E3 of Helluva Boss and thinking that making a track with a mafia aesthetic would be a cool idea. Also, around that time I heard Two Planets Approach the Roche Limit and was amazed at how many different parts and elements it had working perfectly in unison, and making a chaotic jazz-ish track was a great opportunity to try and replicate something like that.

This track was initially called Musty Mafia, however, when LOFAM came around, I realised that it would be a perfect track for the Midnight Crew/Spades Slick and decided to expand it from a small sketch to a full track (always save your music sketches lol). I decided to make the new title a pun, like most titles in Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead are, and so the title ""Ace-celerando"" came to be, coming from the words Ace and Accelerando (Although I had to go through variations such as Acelerando, Ace-lerando etc).

The scene that I imagine for this track is someone listening to an old record in a bar, the Midnight Crew sitting there, playing cards, drinking, when suddenly a violent gunfight breaks out. Four out of three members are defeated, and only Slick is left, however he gathers the strength he needs, reloads, and finally comes out on top in the end.

Also, 4:13, hehe. Gotta love when that happens.


As soon as I heard the gun sound effects I knew that Slick had to be wielding one.

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