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track cover


By Nick Smalley.
Cover art by Homestuck.
Released 12/15/2009.
Duration: 1:06.

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Also released as:

Tracks that reference Ohgodwhat:


Flashes & games that feature Ohgodwhat:

Artist commentary:

Nick Smalley:


It was 2008 and I was a silly little boy and thought ORGMaker was good-ass music program, so I decided to make a song in it. Half an hour later forged this booger of a song. Seriously. It took half an hour to make this. Then I saw that THE HUSS posted something about a Problem Sleuth opening? So I was like damn that’s bananas I’ll show him up! (wow look at this nerd thinking he can actually make music)

I sent it to his email and like a day later he sent one back asking about the music team. FLATTERING, IT WAS. So I was like sure sign me up g homey dog slice foo

And that’s the story of how I got on the music team.

Oh wait. You just wanted Ohgodwhat.

(ps that’s what it was called when i made it too)

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