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Cover art by Kait Linney (lines) and Shelby Cragg (coloring & logo) ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Banner art by Shelby Cragg ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Released 3/14/2013.
Duration: ~47:46.

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  1. (4:17) Reverie by Alex Rosetti
  2. (4:22) Power Fantasy by Clark Powell
  3. (3:23) Stellarum Salve by Robert J! Lake
  4. (4:23) Carne Vale by Malcolm Brown
  5. (4:11) Green Lolly by Robert J! Lake
  6. (3:44) Red Sucker by Kalibration
  7. (3:54) Constant Confinement by Erik Scheele
  8. (4:46) Constant Conquest by Michael Guy Bowman
  9. (3:35) The Lyrist by Thomas Ferkol
  10. (2:51) The Lordling by Toby Fox
  11. (8:20) Eternity Served Cold by Malcolm Brown

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