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Appears in 105 cover arts.

Everyone Here, Fine and Happy, Let's Eat Some Cake and Play a Song (Illust. ricemilk)
Maybe it'll turn out better this time (Illust. yoyoYolo)
Stuck (Illust. Artatruc)
Harmonize (Illust. jakkyr)
Somnambulist (Illust. Awkward)
Pesterquest Soundtrack (Illust. Homestuck)
Surprise, We're Back (Illust. D'paq)

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Four Kids (and a Game They Played Together) (Illust. star-nomad)
~~Disc 1~~ (Illust. KiddleScribbles)

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Of Cats and Martinis (Illust. Artatniap)
On Apocalyptic Shores (Illust. Siedlag)
Technostalgia (Illust. wumby)
A City of Black and White (Illust. Mephi)
Through the Looking Glass (Illust. animmania)

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Broken Bottles, Broken Dreams (Illust. wumby)
Sleepwalker (Illust. doctorcorby)
Communing With Fireflies (Illust. sKetchooDles)

body horror (abstract)
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Saboteur (Illust. Siedlag)

blood (abstract)
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-Interlude- (Illust. Siedlag)
Neon Haze (Illust. Siedlag)
Meditations On Derse (Illust. Phos)

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Sole Survivor (Illust. Siedlag)
Choices (Illust. SoulofWoods)
A Future Worth Stealing (Illust. KiddleScribbles)
Reunion (Illust. doctorcorby)
From the Void (Illust. Siedlag)
Fight For the Future (Illust. animmania)
A Life Worth Living (Illust. animmania)
Perfectly Generic Album (Illust. Cristata)
The Nobles (Illust. animmania)
~~Side 1~~ (Illust. animmania)
The Nobles (Illust. animmania)
~~Side 2~~ (Illust. animmania)
Voids Edge (Illust. animmania)
All's Well (Illust. animmania)
The Nobles (Reprise) (Illust. animmania)
A Noble Goodbye (Illust. Phos)
Lust (Illust. seacode)
More Than a Game (Illust. Siedlag)

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Martini Cardamom (Illust. nights)
Homestuck Vol. 11 (Illust. CadBrad)
How Do I Live (Thanks for Playing Version) (Illust. nights, Tipsy)
ᴀsᴘᴇᴄᴛ/ᴄʟᴏᴄᴋ (Illust. neomints, groeuf)
Stable Time Loops and Paradoxes (Illust. Culdhira)
Cue the Curtains (Illust. SoulofWoods)
Jungle #3 (Illust. Fitzwibble)
Reunited (Illust. nights)
Altitude (Illust. yazshu)
Skaian Dreamers (Illust. Chumi)
Retconjuration (Illust. William Leonard)
Schrödinger's Harbinger (Illust. Benedict Ide)
Wisest Wizord (Illust. Trufflemeep)

decapitation (abstract), blood
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Horizontal Headshot (Illust. dazed-squid)

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Cleopatra's Cocktail Party (Illust. nights)
Noble Ascendance (Illust. Aeritus)
Everlasting (Illust. PatManDX)
Black Hole / White Door (Illust. Circlejourney)
Strife Mayhem (Illust. Scarodactyl)

blood (abstract), decapitation (abstract)
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Jungle #3 (Illust. Shadok)
72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. VulkanShawl)
Skaian Ride (Illust. awildcale)
Oppa Toby Style (Illust. cookiefonster)
Cool and New Homestuck 2 (Illust. trip, Makin)
cool and new Anthem (Illust. Shadok)
72.0x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. VulkanShawl)

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Jungle #3 (Illust. Shadok)
Harmonize (Illust. jakkyr)
Harmonize (Illust. jakkyr)
26x SHOWDOWN COMBO (Illust. avocado)
Act 8 Volume 1 (Illust. Act 8)
Seraphic Storyteller (Illust. AJ Hebard)
Chorale for Caliborn (Illust. 413)
lame and old webcomic voluem 10 (MEGA MILX) (Illust. Niklink)
Homestuck Vol. 10 (Illust. Lexxy)
Train (Illust. Kate Holden)
Thanks for Playing (Illust. Seth Massey)
♏ - Salv8tion (Illust. HermesNitram)
Oppa Toby Style (Illust. Homestuck)
Planet Cracker (Illust. awakesleeping)
720413 (Illust. sayachan-art)
Sleepy Eyes of Derse (Illust. multiversalInk)
Aqueous Armagourddon (Illust. dodostad)
Theme of the Slam Jam (Illust. plaidcushion)
˚ Disk 2 ˚ (Illust. Elanor Pam)
Electric Fireflies (Illust. Elanor Pam)
Starblaze (Illust. plaidcushion)
Stellarum Salve (Illust. Mobble)

blood (abstract), body horror (abstract)
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Carne Vale (Illust. Leslie Hung)

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Jackpot (Illust. 8bitkitten)

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JackBot (Illust. Brenden Cameron)
Alphamatic Replacement (Illust. dodostad)
Homestuck Vol. 9 (Illust. Lazylaz)

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Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse (Illust. Sylladexter)
Another Jungle (Illust. Richard Gung)

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ASSAULT (Illust. Maf)
Before the Beginning and After the End (Illust. Tavia Morra)
Cumulating Dreams (Illust. Nyanface)
Everything is Something to Somebody (Illust. Tavia Morra)
Three in the Morning (Aftermath) (Illust. Dawn Davis)
Portrait (Illust. Kate Holden)

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Stargaze (Illust. Tavia Morra)
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B (Illust. Shelby Cragg)

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Pink Cat (Illust. MissNK)

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Vodka Mutiny (Illust. Riri)
Dord Waltz (Illust. Merrigo)
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