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Song of Skaia

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By Mark J. Hadley parsecproductions Bandcamp YouTube YouTube AgentParsec Twitter agentparsec Tumblr
Cover art by minty gnvbarron Twitter
Released 1/1/2012.
Duration: ~11:27.

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  1. (2:32) Null
  2. (2:28) Skaian Birth
  3. (6:27) Song of Skaia

Added to wiki 11/15/2019.

Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie: (MSPA news post, excerpt)

Another New Year's Eve gone by, another ball dropped.

Here is Mark Hadley's single, Song of Skaia. It's good! Hadley is responsible for such HS songs as Harlequin and Blackest heart.

You might have noticed I've scaled back the frequency of music releases somewhat. It was becoming sort of intense getting one or more albums ready for release every month. It also did start to feel like maybe just a little bit too much music coming at you all the time. I'd like to make sure the novelty of these doesn't deteriorate too quickly. Hence a single release seemed like a nice way to mix it up for now. I would expect albums to come out closer to every two months from now on.

On that note, I'll make an announcement about plans for the next album shortly. Preemptive tl;dr - it will be a contest. Details soon.

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Created by Mark Hadley

Vocals and lyrics on "Songs of Skaia" by Tarien Ainuvë

Cover art by minty

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