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The Felt

album cover

album cover

Tags: Snowman

Cover art by Molly Gur ( Tumblr , External ( ).
Wallpaper art by Molly Gur ( Tumblr , External ( ).
Released 12/2/2010.
Duration: ~59:51.

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  1. (3:27) Jade Dragon by Robert J! Lake
  2. (5:58) Swing of the Clock by Solatrus
  3. (3:54) Rhapsody in Green by Clark Powell
  4. (2:06) Humphrey's Lullaby by Toby Fox
  5. (1:41) Clockwork Reversal by Thomas Ferkol
  6. (4:57) Chartreuse Rewind by Solatrus
  7. (3:10) The Broken Clock by Erik Scheele
  8. (2:51) Apocryphal Antithesis by Clark Powell
  9. (2:29) Trails by Mark J. Hadley
  10. (4:06) Baroqueback Bowtier (Scratch's Lament) by Clark Powell
  11. (3:10) Scratch by David Ko
  12. (3:32) Omelette Sandwich by Mark J. Hadley
  13. (3:49) Temporal Piano by Erik Scheele
  14. (3:06) Time Paradox by Thomas Ferkol
  15. (2:02) Eldritch by Alex Rosetti
  16. (3:30) English by Toby Fox
  17. (6:03) Variations by Robert J! Lake

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Bandcamp Background

Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie:

In the same vein as the Midnight Crew fake band album, but where MC was a dark jazz band, the Felt is an orchestral group. The idea I proposed earlier in the year was an orchestral sound with "temporal effects." Notes, melodies, rhythms played backwards, forwards, rewinding and such, as if the music itself was subject to their powers of time distortion. The sound also took on some electronic, sort of ambient qualities as it developed. You could refer to the genre as "temporelechestral." If you wanted to say a mouthful.

Nice job to Clark Powell for mastering this whole thing, as well as including a few of her own great songs in the list too. The whole thing strikes me as a very tight bit of production.

Sick cover art by hypertalented and prolific HS fan artist, SkepticArcher.

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