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Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent

album cover

Cover art by Andrew Hussie andrewhussie Twitter.
Wallpaper art by Andrew Hussie andrewhussie Twitter.
Banner art by Andrew Hussie andrewhussie Twitter and Niklink (edits for wiki).
Released 1/5/2011.
Duration: ~1:09:33.

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  1. (5:05) Frost by Solatrus
  2. (4:37) Courser by Seth Peelle and Alex Rosetti
  3. (3:33) Umbral Ultimatum by Toby Fox
  4. (3:24) GameBro (Original 1990 Mix) by Erik Scheele
  5. (1:48) Tribal Ebonpyre by Erik Scheele
  6. (3:57) I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Michael Guy Bowman
  7. (2:47) MeGaLoVania by Toby Fox
  8. (3:29) Walk-Stab-Walk (R&E) by Erik Scheele
  9. (3:06) Gaia Queen by Toby Fox
  10. (2:09) Elevatorstuck by Tensei
  11. (2:05) Wacky Antics by David Ko and Toby Fox
  12. (4:13) Horschestra by Alex Rosetti
  13. (4:01) Heir Transparent by Robert J! Lake
  14. (2:46) Boy Skylark (Brief) by Robert J! Lake
  15. (2:44) Squidissension by Mark J. Hadley
  16. (2:32) Blackest Heart by Mark J. Hadley
  17. (2:45) Nic Cage Song by Toby Fox
  18. (3:18) Phrenic Phever by Clark Powell
  19. (4:13) 3 In The Morning (Pianokind) by Erik Scheele
  20. (2:17) A Tender Moment by Toby Fox
  21. (4:44) Crystalanthology by Solatrus

Added to wiki 11/15/2019.

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Artist commentary:

Andrew Hussie:

This is pretty easily my favorite album so far. It's such a great mix of silly songs and kickass songs and all the wonderful moments where those two types of songs intersect. Sometimes those moments even span entire songs. Please enjoy this.

Awesome job by the guys as usual. Nice mastering work by Jeremy, author of the first and last songs.

Cindy Dominguez: ( news post)

Alright, you guys can stop begging for Vol. 6. Or, if you want to engage in a bit of pedantry (and boy do I ever!), Homestuck Vol. 6: Heir Transparent. We did it, it is done. And it is incredible.

Hmm. I wonder how many times I can imply that these guys have outdone themselves before people start thinking I am a bit of a liar? Well, I suppose all you have to do is listen to the album and promptly feel silly for ever doubting me.

I tip my hat (and implore you to do the same) to Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri for doing a standout job at mastering this bad boy.

Homestuck: ( side blurb)

The sixth official Homestuck album, and the first with a cool subtitle. A mere number-title alone cannot possibly hope to do this album justice.

Homestuck: ( "about the albums" blurb)

The sixth official Homestuck album......... IS GREAT!

Homestuck: (Bandcamp credits blurb)

Music by:
Robert Blaker
Michael Guy Bowman
George Buzinkai
Joren "Tensei" de Bruin
Toby "Radiation" Fox
Mark Hadley
Jeremy "Solatrus" Iamurri
David Ko
Robert J! Lake
Seth "Beatfox" Peelle
Clark "Plazmataz" Powell
Alexander Rosetti
Erik "Jit" Scheele

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