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By smear ( Bandcamp , Tumblr ).
Cover art by Andi DiSpirito ( Tumblr ).
Released 8/27/2017.
Duration: 2:28.

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Blue, blue, blue
Im seein blue, blue blue
A couple hundred years, waiting to run into you
Seldom thoughts can hurt me
I cant even find my self
In the void i wish to linger,
Not that i have a choice

Something here seems to be
Always eating at my health
Something i cant quite figure
Not that i have a voice

Maybe i pitied you
Giddy at the thought of you
Maybe my hearts not true
To the cause ive devoted my life into

Perhaps not out of my own volition
Stomping out every coalition
Regardless of the lives they may have saved
I knew to you they only misbehaved

Maybe it is because
Im a glutton for punishment
Behind my eyes a buzz,
Banishment, admonishment

Blue, blue, blue
Im seeing blue, blue, blue,
Somehow im still not free,
Finding comfort in my stealth
a misery machine, with her
No reason to rejoice

Artist commentary:


Title: lazutrix, women who shape the blue
Lazu: from lazulinus, the color ultramarine
-trix: denoting femininity in adjectives and nouns

Andi DiSpirito:

I decided to focus on Darkleer struggling to reconcile his weakness towards two known criminals and how their influence forces him to question his loyalty to the Empress, as well as his role in enforcing her hemocaste system.

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