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Ancestral Anthem

track cover

By Rhyselinn rhyselinn Tumblr.
Cover art by bootsie bootsie-art Tumblr.
Released 8/27/2017.
Duration: 5:24.

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Tracks that Ancestral Anthem references:

Artist commentary:


Ancestral Anthem is a big huge medley of Homestuck tunes! It loosely tells the timeline of the ancestors and the shenanigans that they went through.

The motifs used, in order--

then each of the tunes of the album played in hemospectrum order, followed by a reprise of Alternia.

So all in all, it's a medley of 26 songs! It's one of the more ambitious projects I've taken in recent memory, and it took me a number of months to complete, but I had a blast doing it! I hope you guys enjoy it :smile:


I greatly enjoyed working on this piece. I'm so proud of all the work that's gone into this project and it's been an honor to participate.

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