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The Mechanism

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By not-the-kind-you-save ( Tumblr ).
Cover art by Amanda Bell ( Tumblr ).
Released 8/27/2017.
Duration: 3:23.

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From Fandom:


Leave me be
This is what I deserve
Broken hallways
And empty words

I had a purpose
I had a design
When your puppet doesn't work right
You set it aside

I didn't know her
I'd never seen her before
And yet when I turned to her
I couldn't do it anymore

It's quiet—disturbing
I can still hear her cry
He was only a lowblood
He was always going to die

I am mechanical
I only see detail
I can watch the world from below

It is my legacy
My rightful place
In the glimmer of the moons
But my body is empty
Moonlight bleaches
Mechanical bones

Wander off
It's a terrible place
I have made myself a castle
To hold my disgrace

Who am I kidding?
I belong alone
There is nothing for me elsewhere
And this my home


(Chorus) x2

Artist commentary:


I was tasked with writing a song about Darkleer's thoughts and feelings as he exiles himself post not-killing the Disciple, which is great because my specialty is making things sad.

The lyrics show Darkleer agonizing over his decision and narrating his emotions, but I wanted to make sure that the tone of the music itself was never really comical--his pain is Serious Business. Unlike many Homestuck songs, this one isn't particularly electronic-sounding, and I think it feels almost like a woe-is-me song from a musical. Hope you enjoy!

Amanda Bell:

For this piece I wanted to amplify the melancholy and regret that Darkleer feels after he lets the Disciple go after the Sufferer's execution. The comic only touches base with this moment briefly, so I was happy to work alongside such a great piece that extends on that particular time.

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