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Tags: Mindfang

♏Spider's Eclipse♏

By Blackhole (Tumblr, SoundCloud).
Cover art by Josefin B..
Released 8/27/2017.
Duration: 10:00.

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Tracks that reference ♏Spider's Eclipse♏:



Walk the gangway, look right through me,
Take it my way, no one's duty.
Trust my dice cast, where the wind falls,
Fortune's eye glass, scattered light shoals.

Fires burning 'cross the ocean,
Fate is turning, starboard motion.
Now an outcast, dreams of dying
Foretold at last, waking, flying.

Artist commentary:


This song took me a while to finish off, but it's finally here! At 10 minutes it is the longest singular piece I've ever composed. I tried to take inspiration from different Mindfang themes and parts of her story to get a rounded depiction of her character, while keeping an overarching theme for her throughout.

Josefin B.:

I've been working a lot with Blackhole lately and they've really helped me out a lot with this album, so I wanted to collab right from the start. There's not much to tell; it's Mindfang looking good and probably being nasty. It's fully made with aquarelle and I never want to ever see her hair again.

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