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Backyard Dumb

track cover

By Bambosh bamboshu Twitter.
Cover art by 413.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 0:41.

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Tracks that Backyard Dumb references:


(It's another humdrum summer day... And I am boooreddddd. B! O! R! E! D! Bored!)
(B!) (Bore—)
(O—) (Ore—)
(What are we gonna do Michael? Wait a minute... Michael, let's have: backyard fun!)
(Backyard fun! Backyard fun! Backyard fun! Backyard fun! Backyard fun!)

Artist commentary:


When it's a month until release, you're bored out of your mind, and you see the first slot in the album completely untouched, what do you do? Some would probably shoot a message back to the rest of the team, who are all no doubt more skilled than I am at composiion. Some would just leave it alone, rightfully assuming another team member would grab it. Or then you could just do what I did, max out microphone levels, and practically eat the thing for forty seconds. I'm ecstatic that this is the first thing people will see of Cool and New Homestuck, and I'll probably find it hilarious if anyone closes the album because of it. It's an incredible album, by the way. We've got some really talented people on the team, who went at it at full force. Great moves, guys. Keep it up. Proud of you.

Oh and shoutouts to Simpleflips Noisemaker for buying an otamatone and willingly giving me a sample of it, despite knowing exactly what it was going towards.

Bambosh: (413... TWO)

Bambosh here again. 413 was too tired to write any commentary and told me to markov chain it for him. I don't know why I'd do that though, when I've just been handed something like 22 boxes to shitpost in on a silver platter. Brace yourselves. If you see 413 as the artist [or composer] credit, it's gonna be me in the box. It's a Bambosh box. A Bambox.

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