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You Know, You Could Cut Yourself With That Edge

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By Griever MSPFA MSPFA Griever1337 Twitter.
Cover art by Griever MSPFA MSPFA Griever1337 Twitter.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 2:33.

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Tracks that You Know, You Could Cut Yourself With That Edge references:

Tracks that You Know, You Could Cut Yourself With That Edge samples:


(Oh my God!) (Where's that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald?)
(Oh God!) (Free will is a myth. Religion is a joke.)
(Oh, no!) (You're going straight to hell.)
(Oh, no!) (This isn't your average everyday darkness. This is... advanced darkness.)

(At last our hero reaches the castle. Not bad, Jack!)

(Son of a bitch!)
(Your memes... end here.)
(Just you and me, Jack!)
Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal (Show me a good time, Jack!)

Artist commentary:


This is just something to add hilarity to the whole GRIMDARK saga of Rose's life, which was a weird but fun little thing that happened in Homestuck. Grimdark as a concept is kinda paradoxically making fun of itself but also completely serious, so I started thinking "man this reminds me of shadow the hedgehog". So I added some edgy memes in there, and the thing about Advanced Darkness, because that's some good shit. Metal Gear Rising, gunshots, and dog barks added oomph to the second half of it, and I love it. I like listening to this song and watching the video, even if it's dumb. Hopefully you do too.

Shadow The Hedgehog was a legitimately fun game for me, despite how dumb it is. That kinda goes for Sonic Adventure 2, now that I think of it. It's weird to think how randomly edgy those two games were. There was a mad scientist ridden with grief because the government killed his dying daughter for no god damn reason, so he goes fucking crazy and has a plan to commit worldwide genocide because of it. That's pretty fucking hardcore if you ask me. But then Shadow The Hedgehog seemed to not entirely get why Sonic Adventure 2 was reasonable while it wasn't. Suddenly all the "edge" parts got played up to almost goofy levels (it's like taking candy from a baby, WHICH IS FINE BY ME), as opposed to the "ridiculous" parts being played up (NO DON'T TOUCH THAT LEVER, AHHHHH!!!). There's a difference between kids suddenly being confronted with a madman's delusions and then going in to fight a lizard, and between kids suddenly meeting Goku Satan and doing odd jobs for him and/or fighting him. The thing is that Shadow The Hedgehog takes its edge too seriously, while Sonic Adventure 2 balanced it out with, well, not subtlety (it wasn't an amazing story), but rather a half of the cast not really giving a shit about the edge.

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