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Tags: Terezi

By cookiefonster ( Bandcamp , External ( ).
Cover art by 413.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 1:38.

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Tracks that UPW4RD SN1FFM3NT references:

Tracks that reference UPW4RD SN1FFM3NT:

From Fandom:

Artist commentary:


This was the first song I made for Cool and New Homestuck. When I first learned about that project I decided to do music for a flash that probably wouldn't be too popular, because I thought there would be a lot of fights over who gets to do music for flashes like Cascade and stuff. That turned out not to be true but whatever. Anyway, for this one I basically decided to make a piece to the likes of Terezi Owns out of multiple Dave motifs, so I used the classic drums from Upward Movement like in the original song and threw in some Atomyk Ebonpyre and some Beatdown, and later on I directly quoted Terezi Owns.

Bambosh: (413 devotee)

Okay, I've just got one left after this. I can do it. I'm strong. I'm a strong boy.

Nope I can't think of anything. Guess it's time to reconsider the markov chains.

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