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Deaf Injustice: Ignoration!!

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By cookiefonster cookiefonster Bandcamp Other and Shwan hakuchou Bandcamp KchoKuchou YouTube hakuchou Linktree (arrangement).
Cover art by 413.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 3:01.

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Artist commentary:


I wasn't even originally going to do alternate music for this one. Originally this one was just going to use the existing song, "Divine Justice: Overload". But when it turned out that wasn't allowed I decided to claim that one. It was originally going to be a collaboration between me and Shwan, where I would write the MIDI file and he would do glitch effects and add a transition between the beginning and main section and master it overall. But when Cerulean shared with me a mix of the intro in his musical style, I liked it so much that I let him mix the whole song that way, and left Shwan to handle the glitch effects; the addition of Bowman's Credit Score glitches was a very pleasant surprise.
When I wrote this song, I wasn't sure what to do at one point, so I just repeated the main theme and added the RCT theme song, which is good because mixing that song into stuff is sort of our signature thing. Turns out the glitch effects largely destroyed that section due to flash syncing.


It was really fun messing around with audacity,i love it. Also i love fucking things up

Bambosh: (not 413)

Okay I couldn't find a way to do markov chains easily, but I've found a random sentence generator so that's the next best thing. The capital bear undertakes the lifetime. The event handicaps whatever daytime northern. The sword storms into the overwhelming advice. The supermarket grabs the widest disclaimer beside the dance. And that's it. I think this is the last piece 413 did for CANH. Writing these shitposts out has been an absolute journey.

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