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track cover

By Cecily Renns ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter , Twitter ) .
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 0:08.

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Tracks that 『HOMESTUCK』 ~~END OF DISC 1~~ references:

Artist commentary:

Cecily Renns:

Mira came up with this idea of “act transitions” jokingly actually ; with just the names “Cool and New Act 1, Cool and New Act 2” et cetra. Then I just picked some major motifs from each act and made this. I was gonna do more than piano and bass, but this sounds good enough, The minimalistic nature accompanies the idea of it being just short transitions.

The very last one is ~~END OF DISC 1~~, which I made after all the other ones because I wanted a song with that name and it could serve as a gateway to the NEXT ALBUM WHICH WILL FEATURE ACT 6 AND YOU WILL PROBABLY SEE IT IN LIKE TWO MONTHS.


This album was a waste of everyone’s time.

Cool and New Music Team:

How stupid do you feel now?

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