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track cover

By Minkt.
Cover art by Makin and Interrobang.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 1:48.

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Tracks that UPWARD REDVX references:

Artist commentary:


I really enjoyed the original Upward Movement, and felt that the new one would have to be even better to do the original justice. I have been infatuated with music that is more synthesised ever since I gave the Hotline Miami soundtrack a listen, so there is some inspiration there. The first version of this redvx had base midi drums and a guitar synthesizer and seemed off, so I looked up how to make synths like those in Hotline Miami and similar synthwave creations. After throwing on a new drum kit and synth, the song surprised me by actually sounding good. I'd like to thank Makin and others for giving the original a listen and telling me how to fix it, and the rest of the music and art team for putting out this COOL and NEW masterpiece. :JaedAngery:


I thought of how the Cool and New version of this flash would go, and I remembered how Jhon moved around once or twice. The joke was obvious after that.


Let the record show that the dabe text in this artwork was so pixellated that I had to re-write over it, which is what you see now

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