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Showtime (Marching Band)

track cover

By 413.
Cover art by olkiswerve.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 2:07.

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Tracks that Showtime (Marching Band) references:

Artist commentary:

Bambosh: (substitute 413)

I'm not sure what 413 did to make this song, but it sounds like he chucked the original Showtime chiptune into a midi converter and changed some of the midi instruments around. I kind of unironically love this song though. Despite how chaotic it is, it's inexplicably satisfying to listen to.

Oh and by the way this one was an absolute pain to sync to the video. You'd think it would be easy, just chuck it over the thing and call it a day but no. There's only like 30 seconds of content in the flash, and no way to easily isolate the sound effects from the original song. As of writing this, I still don't have a solution. But hey there's still a week to release I'm sure it'll be fine hahahahahahahaha oh god help


So yeah, I worked on this one. It was a fairly simple GIMP shop where I just put some clip art, previously used assets and some text onto a picture of that one road that's famous because of the Beatles.
At this point I'd like to give a shoutout to Remember that shit? It's still going. I got a code, fuckers, haha, SK-RIDDLE-SOLVE. If that isn't a blast from the past, I don't know what is, I mean yeah how about that album art.

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