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Sburban Cascantdown

track cover

track cover

Tags: John

By Noisemaker ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud ) .
Cover art by Bambosh ( Twitter ) .
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 0:50.

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Tracks that Sburban Cascantdown references:

Tracks that reference Sburban Cascantdown:


Tracks that Sburban Cascantdown samples:

Artist commentary:


To be completely honest it’s just Cascante from Voulem 1. I regret not using my otamatone but at least Bambosh got some sweet use out of it.


I wasn’t the original artist for this piece. I stole it. I stole the rights to use this piece. 413 was originally meant to do it, he made a concept and everything. In fact, I think it was one of the first things that ended up even being made for the album, several months ago. But then it just sat there, and people forgot it wasn’t meant to be the final copy? So I just sort of swooped in and finished it off while nobody was looking.

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