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Heedful Fads

track cover

By flagellumVagueness.
Cover art by olkiswerve.
Released 9/3/2016.
Duration: 2:02.

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Tracks that Heedful Fads references:

Artist commentary:


It's pretty much just Dead Shuffle with crappier instrumentation and a few deliberately wrong notes. To mix it up a bit I changed the bassline to the melody for Licord Nacrasty in the 3rd "verse". Also, Heedful Fads is an anagram of Dead Shuffle, in case you were wondering.


This is the best serious cover I've done so far. It's fucking great. I love it and I'm super proud, even if it was a fairly simple job. I've also got a really nice version with the Vento Aureo gangsters, which I guess I'll use somewhere else if there's interest. But damn, this cover's great.

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