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Tags: John, Rose, Dave, Jade

Prospit & Derse

By Solatrus (Bandcamp (, Twitter).
Cover art by Lexxy (Tumblr) and Molly Gur (Tumblr, External (
Released 8/22/2011.
Duration: ~28:03.

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  1. (3:35) Hallowed Halls
  2. (3:22) The Golden Towers
  3. (3:19) Prospit Dreamers
  4. (3:37) Center of Brilliance
  5. (4:02) Darkened Streets
  6. (3:19) The Obsidian Towers
  7. (3:35) Derse Dreamers
  8. (3:14) Core of Darkness

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Artist commentary:


The twins of Skaia, locked in combat's hold
One a shadow of fate, one a heart of gold.

Watch as we see the children who dream,
Of worlds so unlike anything we've seen.

Now, listen to the sound that has been rehearsed.
The sound of dreams... of Prospit and Derse.

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