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Prospit & Derse

album cover

By Solatrus ( External ( , Twitter ).
Cover art by Lexxy ( Tumblr , Twitter , External ( ) and Molly Gur ( Tumblr , External ( ).
Released 8/22/2011.
Duration: ~28:03.

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Prospit (~13:53):
  1. (3:35) Hallowed Halls
  2. (3:22) The Golden Towers
  3. (3:19) Prospit Dreamers
  4. (3:37) Center of Brilliance
Derse (~14:10):
  1. (4:02) Darkened Streets
  2. (3:19) The Obsidian Towers
  3. (3:35) Derse Dreamers
  4. (3:14) Core of Darkness

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Artist commentary:

Solatrus: (original Bandcamp blurb)

The twins of Skaia, locked in combat's hold
One a shadow of fate, one a heart of gold.

Watch as we see the children who dream,
Of worlds so unlike anything we've seen.

Now, listen to the sound that has been rehearsed.
The sound of dreams... of Prospit and Derse.

Special thanks to:
Nick Smalley
Marcy Nabors

Solatrus: (one year anniversary)

Propsit & Derse 1 Year Anniversary Commentary

It's really insane that it's been one year since this album came out. And what's even more remarkable is how much I've improved as a musician since then. But let's turn the clock back and I'll tell you the story of how it all started.

This whole thing is going to be done in the order of how I created the album, which was Derse and then Prospit, but not precisely in that order.

Where It All Began

It wasn't too long after Volume 6 was released that I started debating a solo album. I knew that I enjoyed contrasts, but I really loved ethereal sounds. I had actually considered doing a Medium album, but Clark beat me to it. However, Prospit & Derse had already been started before Medium was out.

So where did the album's concept come from? Well, a conversation I had with Lexxy, actually! We were brainstorming ideas and we got into talking about the moons, and then the idea sunk in for me to do a solo album, which was actually called Derse/Prospit (yes, slash included).

Pretty cool, huh? And Lexxy helped with the album cover, which is really great.

But anyway, I eventually started working on some of the music. I knew Prospit was going to be a struggle for me, because I had never written any proper orchestral music at the time. And the first song I created was this, albeit it was in drum and bass and not nearly as polished sounding.

But I really didn't like the direction, so I ended up scrapping it and trying to figure out how to start over. And then Medium was released and I was incredibly inspired and remembered how great atmospheric music is. Clark Powell single-handedly saved this album from being killed before it even got anywhere.

And that's when I created Darkened Streets.

Solatrus: (2020 rerelease blurb)

My solo album from Homestuck!

Homestuck © Homestuck

Music © Solatrus

References to other works © their respective artists

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