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Center of Brilliance

track cover

track cover

Tags: John, Jade, Prospit

By Solatrus ( External ( , Twitter ).
Cover art by Shelby Cragg ( Tumblr , Twitter ).
Released 8/22/2011.
Duration: 3:37.

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Artist commentary:

Solatrus: (one year anniversary)

Expecting a different song, were you? B)

While this song was started pretty late into production, it was actually one of the first in the entire album to be completed. Both Hallowed Halls and Center of Brilliance were started around the same time, and I really don't remember which came first. It's been awhile, okay?

Anyway, if it wasn't one of the first to be completed, it was definitely the first. I'm actually pretty pleased with this song, because it helped me figure out the other direction I wanted to go in for Prospit.

The best part about this song is, without a doubt, the trumpet lines in the middle and near the end. While it's totally synthetic and sampled, I'm very pleased with how it sounds! I really love the section very close to the end where it's just a single trumpet and the clarinet section. It's one of the better motifs I've written, in my opinion, and I'm quite pleased with it.

That's not to say this song is perfect. The piano timing is a little too off and a little too noticeably cut-and-paste repeated. It's a really tiny nitpick, but I didn't even really notice it until earlier this week.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, this song was originally Prospit Dreamers. Why did I change my mind on it? Well, I couldn't figure out how to fit in Doctor (and by extension Penumbra Phantasm) and Frost into such a happy sounding song. It just wasn't really working for me, nor was the time signature.

But I definitely felt like the song was a great closer to this half of the album, and Shelby's art for the piece fit perfectly.

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