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  • We Are Together (quirk-free)

By The One Music Maniac theonemusicmaniac Tumblr YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by Josefin B. konansgirlfriend Tumblr.
Released 4/12/2016.
Duration: 2:14.

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Artist commentary:

The One Music Maniac:

"We Are +og3th3r" is a Latula-focused piece regarding her interactions with Porrim. Latula allows herself to let go of her "rad girl" act around Porrim, which she uses as a defense channel for her insecurities regarding her lacking hte sense of smell. When Porrim and Latula interact, they are able to openly ponder about life and the mysteries of universal questions, such as the possibilities and the capabilities of fate, should fate truly exist. The heartbeat-like rhythm symbolizes their open heart-to-heart conversation, the chimes representing Latula's carefree spirit, and the mallets exprses Porrim's inquisitive thinking.

Josefin B.:

Porrim and Latula's interactions have always been one of m yfavourite parts of Homestuck as a whole. Their conversation, to me, seems like a break from the actual story and we get two adult women being friends and discussing spiritual, universal and personal matters. I wanted to capture that, but also their own personalities in the art. We have Latula, who happily leans over Porrim as a greeting, trusting her to be there. We have Porrim, calmly waiting for Latula whom she trusts will arive. Latula is not wearing her shades, because these two see things eye-to-eye.

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