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Tags: Snowman

Your Universe

By Marcus Carline (Twitter, External (
Cover art by J.N. Wiedle (Twitter, External (
Released 4/2/2012.
Duration: 4:50.

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Cigarette ashes burn red
But they fall like snow
And I hear the wind a callin' my name
And this world's got to end someday soon

A slick black queen
In a slick black coat
Her leggings high and her brim down low
She's beautiful and she knows it

It's a cold, cold world
And she's on her own
This world is hers and hers alone
She's powerful and she knows it

She's your girl
She is your world
She is your universe

I caught your eye
You stole my heart
I took your arm to show that I care
You loathe me so and you love it

I'm your girl
I am your world
I am your universe

Our love was hot
But I was cold
You always made me feel so blue
But when I said draw
And you shot
It was obvious that you were colder

I'm not unhurt
But you lost out
When I said draw I just knew that you would
You'll miss me so when I'm gone
I'll miss you so when I'm gone

Love or hate
I was your girl
I was your world
I was your universe

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