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Additional or alternate names:

  • Fidusspawn (Adventure Lies) (contest-submitted name)

By Ian White myusernamesmud SoundCloud and Eston Schweickart eschweic SoundCloud siasinsilence Tumblr.
Cover art by Durandana.
Released 4/2/2012.
Duration: 0:57.

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Tracks that reference Bronze Page:

From Fandom:


There is a land that I know, it is real and not just make believe
One where friends will defend one another to the end, and you never have to leave

A boy with the love in his heart, 'boldened by the courage in his soul
He will fight for the rights of the fairies and the sprites, a hero among trolls

You sitting there watching troll TV, get on up and come with me!
Adventure lies and soon you will be, watching Fiduspawn!


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