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Additional or alternate names:

  • Hymn of the Signless (contest-submitted name)

By Samm Neiland sammneiland Bandcamp samm-neiland SoundCloud YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by Elanor Pam elanorpam Twitter
Released 4/2/2012.
Duration: 2:43.

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Tracks that reference Iron Infidel:

From Fandom:


Han bear ey all vor smarte
Oo en day trei striat ande glemt
Lee kell vell are vey til lit

Vor shlekt ah chilt meh bloo far guh
Vee har ing en sha liet ell aey deed
Lee kell vell are vey til lit

(He carries all our pain
And one day his strife is forgotten
However, we are forgiven

Our kin are separated by colour of blood.
We are without without love or virture.
However, we are forgiven.)

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