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  • VS Gamzee (contest-submitted name)

By Kevin Grant kevingrant SoundCloud.
Cover art by Asiul purenonsens Tumblr purenonsens Twitter.
Released 5/14/2012.
Duration: 3:50.

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Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

This track and Indigo Archer weren't initially included on coloUrs and mayhem - different tracks were in their place. They were both found to be to be plagiarized from Frozen Synapse's soundtrack, and were removed from the album the day after it released. (See also this Penny Arcade thread.)

Although the tracks were removed promptly, replacements (by unrelated artists) didn't show on the album til over a month later, on May 14. (The release was certainly between May 11 and May 16; May 14 was initially ascertained from the HTTP metadata for this capture of Indigo Archer's artwork, and ratified by this Penny Arcade post.)

Toby Fox: (contest management, Tumblr)

Frozen Synapse and Indigo Archer

Apparently the song Indigo Archer was plagiarized from this source. (dead YouTube link)

It and Purple Tyrant (same entrant) have been removed from the album.

My deepest apologies - neither I, nor Andrew, nor the music team recognized the songs as being stolen from a different source. There is simply too much music out there in the world, and it is impossible to listen to it all. Sorry again, and thank you to everyone who alerted us as fast as possible.

Suitable replacements for those tracks will be sought out in the future.

For those wondering, the legal holdups we were having weren’t about sampling or song sources.

phonebox: (MusicBrainz album annotation, excerpt)

The original tracks 10 and 11 were almost identical copies of tracks on Frozen Synapse Original Soundtrack. Indigo Archer sounds like "Switch" and Purple Tyrant sounds like "A Functioning God".

How similar are the tracks exactly? They are the same length and sound identical. Audacity or a similar program can be used to invert one of the Frozen Synapse tracks and to try to find out how a copied track was edited. The parts which are exactly the same will turn into silence. Using this method and adding an amplify effect with a value of -1.363 dB to the original Frozen Synapse tracks (or +1.363 dB to the copies), the end result is as follows: in both Indigo Archer and Purple Tyrant the only sounds which were left are electric cracks and creaks. They appear mostly rhythmically with the bassline of the beats. Probably the only part where the added creaking can be clearly heard without having to do editing is in the Purple Tyrant track at 2:30. Elsewhere the the cracks are lost in the beats.

Toby Fox: (contest management, Tumblr)

Source of what was once “Purple Tyrant” by Paul Taylor, aka nervous_testpilot.

Really fabulous and ominous track. This whole soundtrack is great!!! Go buy it if you like what you hear.

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

Frozen Synapse: Original Soundtrack is still available on Bandcamp.

View original file ( kB MB). (Heads up! If you're on a mobile plan, this is a large download.)