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Additional or alternate names:

  • Mechani% (contest-submitted name)
  • Mechanix (contest-submitted name, normalized)

By Rachel Rose Mitchell rachelrosemitchell Bandcamp YouTube YouTube.
Cover art by Toguchindraws toguchindraws Twitter.
Released 5/14/2012.
Duration: 4:42.

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Artist commentary:

Quasar Nebula: (wiki editor)

This track and Purple Tyrant weren't initially included on coloUrs and mayhem - two plagiarized tracks (by an unrelated contest entrant) were in their place. See Purple Tyrant for details.

Moreover, by Rachel Rose Mitchell's own request, around December 22, 2021, the new version of this track, as well as Temporal Shenanigans, were both removed from Bandcamp (the only platform where Homestuck's discography was officially published). This was in light of Sarah Z's video Homestuck Sent Me A Legal Threat, And Then It Got Worse; on YouTube, Rachel updated the thumbnails, titles, and descriptions of Indigo Archer and Temporal Shenanigans to direct visitors to Sarah Z's video.

Rachel Rose Mitchell: (YouTube description)

hey please watch sarah's video:

Rachel Rose Mitchell: (YouTube comments)

Bro, no one cares about the legal shit with Homestuck. I just want the music.

bro that’s such an interesting take bro i sure will consider that bro

Just confused as to why people care about a side of the story so much. Sure, it's shitty, but is that supposed to change my opinion of the work?

many people do care, and i'm entitled to use my own content how i see fit lol. not everyone's mindset mirrors your own

Rachel Rose Mitchell: (YouTube comments)

Weren't this and Purple Tyrant like, stolen or something? They're still listed as free on the Homestuck Bandcamp page of coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A.

This and the version of Purple Tyrant that's currently available are replacements for the plagiarised tracks.

Rachel Rose Mitchell: (YouTube comments)

Where did those "replacements" go? They're no longer on the Bandcamp album "coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A & B".

I had my music removed from the Homestuck soundtrack, sorry for any inconvenience.

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