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Appears in 38 cover arts.

BULL2HIIT (Illust. Artazura)
Braiin Faiiliiure (Illust. Monckat)
Make Them Pay (Illust. tempest2k)
Gold Mage [Playtime is Over Mix] (Illust. Gryotharian)
Pesterquest Soundtrack (Illust. Homestuck)
Hey, what do you think about this as a title for a track? (Illust. GlassesBlu)
Slave State (Illust. Caelan Kier)
8OSS!!!!!!!! (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)
EVERYONE DO A BIG SMILE RIGHT NOW (Illust. Cool and New Web Comic)

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Distortion Navigator (Illust. starcrossedAnalyst)
Alternate Hues and Melodies (Illust. Culdhira, Hilaletto, SoulofWoods, melodic-co, Dazeywhisp, CALIKID)

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2 Voiice2 (Illust. Hilaletto)
Duodecim Diis Resurgemus (Illust. SoulofWoods)
ᴀsᴘᴇᴄᴛ/ᴄʟᴏᴄᴋ (Illust. neomints, groeuf)
Xenoplanetarium (Illust. nights)
The La2t Frontiier (Illust. Kirvia)

cops, hanging
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Trollcops (Illust. Melissa Peebles)
Nautical Nightmare (Illust. officialspec)

blood, eye horror
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The Blind Prophet (Illust. Melissa Peebles)
The Gemoni Mustard Blood (Illust. Melissa Peebles)
Strife Mayhem (Illust. Scarodactyl)
jake englii2h you are LIITERALLY lowwer than rat piiss iin my eyes, ii wwould use all my half-baked hope powwers to put a donut shaped hole iin your stomach but iits too much effort so iim just goiing to contiinuously giivve you the biird (kazoo version) (Illust. Shadok)
The Gemoni Mustard Blood (Illust. CreatorOfJanespeak)

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Black Yard, Green Fun (Illust. groeuf)

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Black Yard, Green Fun (Illust. groeuf)

corpse, blood
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Detective Cherry Inspector (Illust. XenoZane)
the 2econd 2 la2t frontiiiiiiier (Illust. Cloudaria)
Double Time (Illust. PhemieC)

corpse, blood
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Save You (Illust. PhemieC)
The Blast (Illust. RaChoTamer)
In The Shadow of a Fractured Sun (Illust. megalovriska)
Ye Flarey Gentlemen (Illust. Dawn Davis)
Ugly Story (Illust. prismatic-void)
Unlabeled (Illust. Killian Ng)
coloUrs and mayhem: Universe A (Illust. Shelby Cragg)

body horror
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Gold Mage (Illust. Prassio)
Arcade Thunder (Illust. Maf)
Moody Mister Gemini (Illust. umibouzu)
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