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By Erik Scheele erikscheele Bandcamp erikscheele SoundCloud jitters20 Twitter jitmakesstuff Tumblr Jitmakesstuff YouTube
Cover art by Melissa Peebles dragonnova Tumblr.
Released 3/14/2011.
Art released 10/25/2017.
Duration: 2:45.

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From Fandom:

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Artist commentary:

Erik Scheele:

(Alternate Universe Intermission)

So this pretty much happened when Radiation went "yo jit make something" and I was like "okay", and then later I was like "bluuuuuuh don't know what to write", and then Radiation went "do trollcops", and I went "no that's dumb, stupid dumb, what is trollcops even", and Radiation went "DO IT JIT YOU BUTT", and I was like "NO RADIATION I HATE EVERYTHING". And then, Mellotron samples happened, and here we are. Also, it should be pointed out that in the version with vocals, there's a name drop of the fan music piece that this is based off of. Yes, it takes this long to re-use things, sometimes.

Besides that, I dunno, just enjoy it.

Toby Fox: (album organizer)

Don't tell anyone, but this is actually a remix of one of Jit's old fansongs called 'Under the Hat,' which was a battle theme for Dad. So if your heart still pines for him... his soul and pipe are contained deep within this track.

So damn catchy and sleuthy.

Homestuck: (original track art)

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