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Tags: Aradia, Sollux

The Blast

By Dakota Medina.
Cover art by RaChoTamer (Tumblr, Twitter).
Released 12/15/2013.
Duration: 1:34.

Listen on Bandcamp or YouTube.


You should just move on
I am still right here
Please carry on strong
I am still right here

I’ll lay all my hopes down
On the grass beneath my feet
The blast and the last sound
Accidental defeat

Will you give me your word
you’ll be okay
I’m blasting away
But I am still right here

Artist commentary:

Dakota Medina:

The Blast is a song written from Aradia's perspective regarding the 'sollux killing her hyped up on Mind Honey' incident. It is about her about to blow up about telling everyone that it is 0kay. The song was written mostly as a 'Can I write a simple and effective only 4 chords' and I think it was successful. The song was revamped for the LoFaM3 album and completely remade from the ground up. Hope you enjoy!


Oh man. "The Blast". I really love this song. Seriously, Snortrax is a very lovely musician. Go listen to his other stuff after you listen to this album!

Honestly, this track art took me... far too long to finish. Mainly because I decided to redraw Aradia completely once I had finished thlines HAHA OOPS.

But I think it was worth it in the end! I learnt a lot doing this, especially when it comes to style and faces and painting, so hopefully it was worth it!

I also learnt that I can't draw psionic blasts for my life.

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