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Make Them Pay

track cover

By Grace Medley ( Bandcamp , SoundCloud , Twitter , Tumblr ).
Cover art by tempest2k ( External ( , Bandcamp , External ( , Twitter ).
Released 9/16/2023.
Duration: 3:06.

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Tracks that Make Them Pay references:

Artist commentary:

Grace Medley:

Of my tracks on this album, this is probably the one I’ve been meaning to do for the longest time. I actually started conceptualising this back while LOFAM 4 was still in development! I remember at the time that my friend Tempest had taken to submitting a wide variety of tracks for it, all of which eventually fell short of manager approval in one way or another. I don’t know if these tracks are still around anywhere, but there was one whose tune would never quite leave my head. This tune was, of course, the original Make Them Pay.

Fast forward to now, some time after I’d presumed myself to have lost all contact with Tempest. We hadn’t talked for years, and we really only caught back up once I came back to UMSPAF in the time after LOFAM 5 dropped. When the ball got rolling on the next LOFAM (the one you’ve got right here!), I got to thinking that I should 1. finish up basically as much as I can from my extensive list of tracks I’ve wanted to make for various UMSPAF projects, and 2. collaborate with as many of the longtime friends I’ve made through this circle as is humanly possible (these are both common themes you’ll notice throughout my tracks on LOFAM5A2). Well, I’d wanted to cover Make Them Pay for a long time, and I figured that talking to Tempest about what to do with it would be a great way to finally realise that idea.

I think the end result really worked out. A key inspiration for the sound of this track is the score to the PS4 game Driveclub, which actually sort of has me thinking... has anyone gotten around to making a really crappy racing Homestuck fangame? I would absolutely play the shit out of Sburbkart or whatever, if it existed.


I think Grace's commentary covers some of the feelings I have about this. I think it's really cool to be able to say we worked on a thing (again) after all this time. Life is hard and honestly this piece was hard to work on, even if it's pretty simple. I'm happy with it, though. Grace had just about finished the track around the time I got to [S] Make Her Pay in my Homestuck reread, and the concept for this art came my mind almost instantly. I'm proud to have brought this whole thing around full circle, having made the song this is a remix of. I'm proud to be in this booklet.

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