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Gold Mage [Playtime Is Over Mix]

By Decon Theed (Bandcamp, SoundCloud).
Duration: 4:06.

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Artist commentary:

Decon Theed:

Oh boy. I feel the best way to justify this mix of the song's entire existence is with the following; the original Gold Mage had a very barren and empty arrangement, designed to facilitate a vocal track that never actually got made, and though the lack of vocals probably helped it make coloUrs & mayhem Vol. 1 in the long run, a lot of people picked up on how empty the song felt. This mix was kind of my way of making up for that, but in the process I created the opposite problem of having TOO MUCH going on, especially in that first 'verse' section. Oh dear god, that first 'verse' section; I am baffled as to how I could possibly have thought that sounded good at the time. Technically speaking the cutting and looping on that guitar sample is very well done, but it doesn't work with the vibe of the beat, and it REALLY doesn't work with the bassline. The second 'verse' isn't much better, in that itself it's a nice chilled out rework of elements from the original, but it jars with the rest of the "GET PUMPED" vibe the tracks got going on. Also, man oh man, Toby Fox felt the solo from the end of the original song was boring; the solo on this song is utterly lifeless. It can barely be called a solo. Ok, ok, some positives; though the chorus is somewhat cluttered, I do like how punchy the chords sound using a more typical "rave stab" type sound (hell, in general the synth stabs on the cut are often the better elements), the stock sawtooth bass synth actually works quite nice with the bassline, and though it gets buried in a lot of the mix, the main drum machine beat over the 'verses' and the solo is actually quite punchy, and has a real late 90s game soundtrack vibe to it that I like. The original is definitely the better version of the song in the long run, though.

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