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licord eternity

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By Cecily Renns johnjrenns Bandcamp user-621444340 SoundCloud YouTube YouTube CecilyRenns Twitter johnjrenns Twitter CecilyRenns Patreon.
Cover art by koykoy13.
Released 6/12/2017.
Duration: 5:10.

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Tracks that licord eternity references:

Artist commentary:

koykoy13: (Artist)

I first had a horrible version of this but im not gonna show it because it is too bad for anyones eyes.Afterwards I made a slightly less horrible but still very shitty version until finally making this one.I'm happy with it.

Cecily Renns: (Composer)

it was october so about half a year ago i did this song, but then months later i realized it was going to be released for this album, so i re did it, and you will NEVER GET TO HEAR THE ORIGINAL VERSION NOW. both versions took about two hours but the Better One has more Synth1 presets

oh yeah, the song, its like, me and felix fighting, obviously id win and thats what the art shows but the actual result is Ambiguous and Left for Multiple Interpretations, i actually really like that it keeps switching to these rando songs because theyre suppose to represent team members just dropping in and saying "hi", also Discordant is a song from an album i made and its the Best Thing Ever, buy it

and the main melody thing is reverse megalovania

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